How far can the Moonshot Rings fly?

In our tests, we have had rings fly over 120 yards.

How are the rings launched?

To activate your Moonshot, aim it horizontally and hold the launcher with your left hand. Give it a good pull with your right hand and a twist and release!

Do you sell replacement Moonshot Rings?

Yes! Additional rings are available for sale in our online store.

Are replacement parts available for the Moonshot Ring Launcher?

Please contact us directly for more information on parts for the launcher.

Do I have to use Moonshot Rings with the Moonshot Ring Launcher?

Yes – to our knowledge there is no other ring available on the market that would work with the Moonshot Ring Launcher.

For what ages is the Moonshot Ring Launcher suitable for?

It is recommended for ages 13 and up. Small children aged 2 and up can participate when they run to retrieve the flying rings. Children of all ages can participate in tossing the rings without the Moonshot Ring Launcher.

Can I use the Moonshot Ring Launcher indoors?

We recommend using the Moonshot Ring Launcher outdoors at the beach, park or other open space. Get outside and play!

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